We convey every aspect of italian companies.

Who we are

We have always been fascinated by phases of production, technological ability, automation processes, and complex organisations.

Our creative, strategic, and production skills are at the disposal of industrial institutions in order to valorise those companies which represent the motor of Italy’s economy.

The entire process, from conception to production, is managed by IPPI Studio’s internal team.


We are a team of graphic designers, art directors, photographers, directors, video makers, copy writers, editors, 3D designers, and experts in post-production image.

Our studio has all of the necessary skills with which to guide our clients, from positioning strategy to brand identity and from briefs to filmed production videos, motion graphic videos, 3D videos, and both online and offline graphic products.

Davide Squeo

Partner - Photographer - Director

Franco Candian

Partner - Photographer - Post Production

Lucia Gorla

Graphic Designer

Alessio Monzani

Art Director

Simone Cornaro

Video Editor

Venera Lanteri

3D Designer

Giacomo Romani

Motion Graphic Designer

Céline Beranger

Video Editor

Marta Borghesio

Graphic Designer

Francesco Starnari

3D Designer

Marianna Stefanucci


Alessandra Lo Presti


Field of competence

We create videos, photographs, motion graphics, 3D productions, brand identity, and graphic projects that help Italian companies to convey their identity.